Interviewer’s notes: There are quite a few couples in the real estate business, but Mark Xiao Dong and Linda Bai Li stand out. Bai Li’s hearty laughter and Xiao Dong’s steady demeanor endeared me to this couple. They both started their career as full-time real estate agents since year 2000. When they came to the editorial office this time, I played the role of a host in a "couple drama," allowing them to explain their lives, careers, and family to the readers of "Real Estate Weekly."

Xiao Ke: Bai Li, Xiao Dong, welcome to our editorial office. Many people know you from advertisements, but not many know about your experiences. Could you please introduce yourselves to our readers?

Bai Li: I graduated with a degree in English and worked in foreign trade in China for over a decade. When I came to Toronto in 1999 and saw so many compatriots immigrating here, I realized that settling down is crucial for happiness and safety in a foreign country. Given my outgoing personality and love for communication, I decided to become a real estate agent in Canada.

Xiao Dong: So, when Bai Li took the first step, it affirmed our initial judgment of the real estate market. I quickly followed suit and immersed myself in this challenging work. Working in real estate is fulfilling; we’ve made many friends, which we consider as wealth. The recognition we receive for our work is also an affirmation of our character and actions.

Xiao Ke: Many people want to know what kind of house real estate agents have. How did you choose yours?

Bai Li: When you find a job in a foreign land, the most pressing need is housing and transportation. Having a home gives a sense of stability. Our criteria for selecting a house were clear: a rural environment with an urban feel, good high schools and elementary schools, a multicultural community, and a well-structured and oriented house. Based on these conditions, we narrowed down our options to Unionville. The community here is mature, surrounded by lush greenery, highly regarded for its cultural and natural environment, with convenient shopping and transportation. We are very satisfied with our choice.

Xiao Dong: Maintaining a house is necessary; I enjoy doing tasks like designing and renovation related and searching for good opportunities for investments. .I like having a spacious backyard and beautiful landscaping. Whenever we host summer parties and see our friends gathered, I think immigrating to Canada was worth it.

Xiao Ke: How well do you complement each other in your work? How do you divide tasks? Are your personalities complementary? Have you ever had different opinions? How do you resolve them?

Xiao Dong: Our personalities complement each other, making us suitable partners. Bai Li excels in communication and expression, so she handles presentations, follow-ups, and some advertising copywriting. I focus more on strategic analysis of the market and work direction. We usually work separately, but in crucial moments, like when making offers, we often cooperate behind the scenes.

Bai Li: We both spend a lot of time preparing so that we can speak confidently and convincingly to earn the trust of our clients. Sometimes, working together allows us to approach buyers and sellers separately. Of course, we also have disagreements; for example, we may have different opinions on whether a house with a swimming pool is desirable. In such cases, we present our respective views to the client, and they make the final decision.

Xiao Ke: You've been through ups and downs together for over a decade. How did you manage to develop such a seamless collaboration?

Bai Li: Our experiences negotiating for  businesses  have honed our psychological resilience in negotiations. We have a good grasp of our clients' psychology, often finding the right house for them on the first visit. I act quickly, while Xiao Dong takes a more long-term view, which complements each other well. If there's any friction, we don't take it personally.

Xiao Dong: We share a common understanding: to be trustworthy and sincere in our actions. We don't push our clients, and we try to leverage each other's strengths.

Xiao Ke: I know you work in a real estate company run by local Canadians ..Why did you choose this?

Xiao Dong: Our company is a large locally-owned firm managed by experienced broker who successfully practice real estate for over 40 years. Our broker of  record  is very professional, meticulous, and diligent. Not only is he  experienced, but she is also willing to mentor us, and we admire him greatly. Working here is a continuous learning and practicing process. The company operates like a well-oiled system, providing us with information, mastering skills, and teaching us how to face success and setbacks calmly. That's why we chose this company.

Xiao Ke: Where do your clients come from, and how do they evaluate you?

Xiao Dong: Over the years, our clients have come from various ethnicities. Buying or selling a house is a significant event for every family. Recently, we did a property evaluation for a young Western couple. When signing the contract, the lady said: "You're the 15th agent we've interviewed, and we really like you." When they entrusted us with a house worth over half a million dollars, we genuinely felt their expectations and trust.

Xiao Ke: What are your unique characteristics in real estate?

Bai Li: Firstly, we both have a sense of salesmanship, thanks to our past experiences, which has instilled in us confidence and a professional attitude, making clients feel comfortable without pressure. We receive a lot of help and guidance from our Western colleagues, which provides strong support and allows us to understand the Toronto market better, making clear market judgments. We consider our reputation as our lifeblood and commit to long-term business. As a team of two, we offer a double commitment to clients from various ethnic backgrounds.

Xiao Ke: Xiao Dong, if you were to describe Bai Li and give her some advice, what would you say?

Xiao Dong: (laughs) Bai Li possesses the qualities a salesperson should have. She is proactive and flexible in her work, which will lead to great development in the future.

Xiao Ke: Why does that sound like a managerial speech? (laughs)

Xiao Dong: (laughs) Her personality is "quick." Our advertisement slogan "accurate, prompt, enthusiastic, thoughtful" truly reflects her character. I hope she can strike a good balance, take it easy at work, and make life richer and more planned.

Bai Li: Xiao Dong is steady in his actions. He's the kind who thinks thoughtful before acting, which is why we often discuss matters. I just hope he can cut down on some of his hobbies: literature, sports—so his energy isn't spread too thin. But according to him, that's just Canadian life.

Xiao Ke: A deeply affectionate couple and sincere business partners stand before our readers (laughs). Do you have any regrets or biggest gains in this line of work?

Bai Li: The recognition and trust from our customers have deeply moved us. I remember when my client found a house with a price lower than the market rate. At the time, five other buyers had made offers, but after our analysis, we advised the client to offer $50,000 more than the asking price. In the end, they got the house. As a client, after going through such a battle to secure a house, they always wonder if it was worth it. Several years later, the house's value appreciated rapidly, and they thanked us for our market judgment and boldness in making the offer.

Xiao Dong: Thank you! Our biggest gain in this line of work is not only helping clients settle in Canada and invest in real estate but also making friends from various walks of life, enriching our lives. We have no regrets. Through this magazine, we want to thank our clients for their trust and wish them an increasingly better life.

Interviewer’s Notes: Bai Li and Xiao Dong exemplify a successful blend of personal and professional life. Their partnership in both marriage and business is a testament to their resilience, adaptability, and mutual respect. As they continue to navigate the complexities of the real estate market, their dedication to integrity and customer satisfaction shines through, earning them the admiration and trust of their clients. Their story serves as an inspiration to aspiring real estate professionals and couples alike, demonstrating the rewards of hard work, collaboration, and unwavering commitment to excellence.










晓东:我们的性格互补,做搭档挺合适。白丽的表达和沟通能力好,她做的PresentationFollow-up以及一些广告文案方面的工作比较多。我会多做一些远距离的Showing, 对市场和工作的方向作策略性分析。我们一般是分头工作的,但在重要的关头,比如抢offer的时候,经常会台前幕后进行合作。








晓东:这些年做下来,客户来自各个族裔。买卖房屋对每个家庭都是一件大事,不久前,我们为一对年轻西人夫妇做房产评估,在签订合同时,女主人说:“你们是我们面试的第15个经纪,我们很喜欢你们。当他们把价值超过Half Million的房子交到我们手里时,我们真切的感到了他们眼中的期待与信赖。





白丽:晓东做事沉稳。属于敏于思而慎于行的那类吧,所以我们凡事经常商量。我就是希望他的爱好能少几项,什么钓鱼、下棋、文学、体育,这样精力被牵扯得太多。可按他的话说,这叫Canadian Life